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We began in 2003 with a simple website providing to agents and owners a place to sell and buy their properties. As the years went by, we noticed there was a dire need of useful, truthful information regarding properties, agents, and all those related.

People are missing out important details and ending up in hot soup, regretting their most important decision in life. Not because they didn't try to look out for it. But simply because they didn't know what to look for.

Come 2009, with some probing and surveying, we found out the best people to fill in this gap of knowledge would be the people in the communities and in the industry itself.

Thus, we are putting in intensive effort to build up a platform that will provide the property communities and our members a platform to share and educate each other of details that may have been missed in this big universe of information overload.

We will not be just a property listing site but a 360° property site that aims to provide a place for people to find the property, buyer, client or agent they are looking for, answer all their questions and find the right solution to solve their problems.

By that, we will then fulfill our Mission of To provide THE platform for people to help people towards a better informed Property community

As the new kid on the block, we want to bring differentiation. We do not play by the rules of the adults. Therefore, we are asking you, to join us in this revolution! We want to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase: Property Site. With 'Relevance' being the core value of our site and organization, we are building on an online community focused on property.





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