Why Us?

For Owners / Agents:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week advertisement

We don't know when potential buyers may decide to come. But we ensure whatever the time is, we're always ready for them, with the properties you're selling. Whether it's 3am in the morning or 8pm at night, Hartanah.net is always there.

Ready to use website and infrastructure

Focus on what you do best. Selling your property. Leave the website design, programming, web hosting, domain registration, website maintenance etc. to us. Just upload accurate information and the selling point(s) of your property and you're good to go.

We do the marketing

So your website is up, but the process of letting people know of its existence is taxing enough, let alone making sure you're telling the right people. Hours, sometimes even days can be wasted with 0 results. At Hartanah.Net, rest assured that your ad(s) will reach the relevant people via various media as we will ensure that.

Affordable Rates

Why advertise on expensive media that boasts of high sales figures, exposure, etc. but somehow may not work for you because your target market may not be reached? With Hartanah.net, you get great affordable rates and direct reach to your target market: Property buyers. Stop paying premium prices for ads that don't work!

Update your selling list

Update your selling list as you sell. Don't worry about people calling you for no longer for sale properties. The moment you sell it, just delete it from the list.

Pictures tell a thousand words

We encourage all sellers to upload pictures of the property they're selling. It has been proven that properties with pictures get alot more views. Normally it also gets the most enquiries. If you need help in getting a good picture taken for your property, just ask us. We'll let you know how to shoot the best pictures.

Connected on social networking sites? Extra exposure at no extra cost!

If you are, GOOD NEWS! You can easily share your posting to the rest of the world that's connected to you on these social networking sites be it Twitter, Facebook, Tag, Y!, Google, etc.

Profile Page

You don't have to be a faceless agent posting a property for sale. You can have a face! We provide a page belonging to you. YES! Especially for you to upload your information and pictures. Your clients or future clients will be able to deal with you confidently.

Forum Participation

Hartanah.net forum is on its way!

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For Property Buyers:

Wide variety of properties to choose

Hartanah.net's fast expanding property list ensures every aspiring buyer will find something right for him/her. Just sit back, relax and browse for that property you're looking for.

Simple search option

No need to flip over newspaper pages. Just enter what you are looking for and click Search. Get the results you want in just a few seconds.

Ask questions, any questions

Before you start re-arranging your busy schedule to fit in a visit to the property, ask all the questions in your mind first. Our website allows direct messages to be sent to the owner/agent's email. You don't have to worry about not having enough time to make lengthy phone calls and making time for visits to places you're not even sure will meet your criteria.

Favourite list and remark properties

Remember the times you made red circles on the classifieds in the newspaper and scribble notes next to it then realized you can't remember what you scribbled? Won't happen here. At Hartanah.net, we provide you with a favourite list, where you'll see a list of properties that you selected. Comfortably add in remarks into a column on its own. No more messy scribbles.

Browse at your convenience
With the photo uploading option we encourage owners and agents to make use of, you can browse and find the property that is most suitable or most to your liking all at your convenience. No driving, jams or time limitations.

No missing out on an ideal property with our Property Alert

Here, you don't have to worry about missing out on a new property that's put into the market when you were not looking. You don't have to be surfing our site 24 hours a day to make sure you get the best possible deal for the property you want. We will let you know. The moment an owner or agent puts a property up for sale that matches what you want that you set in your profile, an email will be sent to you to let you know.

See only properties listing relevant to you
Use the search option if you are already sure of what you want. We believe in making the most of your time. So when you choose to do so, you can tell us exactly what kind of property you want to see, in which location and how much it should be. No need to take the whole day sifting through the full list of properties that may not be relevant to you.

You're not tied to your computer

We understand you can't be at your desk and computer all the time. That's why we made Hartanah.net mobile! As long as you have a wap/gprs enabled phone, just browse to "m.hartanah.net"

Deal with confidence
We understand how the industry of Real Estate is full of horror stories. That's why it's very important that we get feedback from customers of the agents who are registered with us. Check out their ratings and comments from existing customers. It should give you a clearer idea of who you will be dealing with.

Forum Participation

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We're glad we made a difference.

Thank you for taking your time in letting us know in your testimonials.

“Made my life easier”

- Muhammad Kassim, Dato' Keramat

“I believe this web site makes my life easy for renting vacant room. It helps me search housemate of same personality but indirectly though. I do know I could always advertise near my flat and look for housemate but thru this net, i could look for different type of person. Thank you so much Hartanah.net .... wish all the bestttt....”

“Wide reach of audience and site is easy to use”

-Faridah, Shah Alam

"Good to advertise as many people access to this website and easy to find property. Well done"

“Effective and smart advertising for my apartment”

- Nazri, Kota Damansara

"Get a new tenant for my apt very quick, smartest way to advertise here."

- Hemma, Selayang

"An easy way to advertised the property. Thank you."

“Fast results”

- Ainon, Subang Jaya

"within 1 week someone juz give a call and last saturday they move in. TQ hartanah"

“Lebih berkesan dari menampal iklan di tempat tumpuan ramai”

- Khalilah Abbas, Bangi

"Dengan hartanah.net, urusan saya menjadi mudah, dalam masa 5 hari rumah saya telah disewa. Sebelum ini saya mengguna kaedah menampal iklan di tempat tumpuan ramai, tapi kurang mendapat sambutan. Hartanah.net pilihan tepat dan bijak. Terima kasih hartanah.net"

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“Very useful site”

- Liza, Kajang

"This site is very useful. Good job. I think it will be better if you can advertise this site widely. It probably will take a bit of cost but im sure that you will get higher long term profit. Keep it up."

“Way more effective than other property websites”

- Noraishah Hamid, Selangor

"This is a great place to sell a property. I sold my property through Hartanah.net just after advertising it for 3 weeks. I've posted my property on other property website but the responses I've received have all came from Hartanah.Net."

“Great Service”

- Zairull Anuar, Bkt. Jalil

"Goods e-service, thank you for your side. Really appreciate. Thank you again."

“Very helpful website for those who rent and sale their house”

- Ahmad Suriadi bin Yusof, Puchong

"So far this website can help a lot for people who plan for rent, sale their house. Thanks with this system which help me more."

- Ooi Cheng Hean, Sungai Petani

"Hartanah.net is very helpful."

- Christina, Kota Kinabalu

"Thank you very much to Hartanah.Net, I manage to rent my house through your free ads."

- Nor Zaini, Ukay Perdana

"Thank you very much. I got tenant after 5 days advertise in hartanah.net."

- Anonymous

"Your ad. is very helpful, I have successful rent/sold my unit. TQ VERY MUCH......"

- Idham Nasran, Ampang

"Thanks for your service , i already get tenant from your website ....good job"

- Gary, KL

"Good. Property sold."

- Anonymous

"Sangat berpuas hati sebab dalam masa yang singkat saya ada terima respon bertanya tentang rumah saya."

- Anonymous

"Had a lot of enquries. Hartanah.net works, that's for sure."

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